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?? Mesa Nancy Gina Qiu Maxy
Kelsey Chlo Yoko Ninon Xiou Yuka
Randa Sara Wynn Naomi Tobey Jojo
Luna windy Yuri Tina Zita Ann
Rain Bren Lucy Quinn Micky Sonni
Arale Rosy Vivi Lotus Lenka Amy
Fancy Yetty Ai Lory Maruko Merry
Tao Lea Xin Niko Yoyo Isa
Xue Wen Ling Nan Lili Bobo


Genuine submissive girls for photo shoots!

We are :

One of the finest Corporal Punishment/Spanking clubs in the China.

You are :

(in order of priority)

  1. A GENUINE submissive where corporal punishment is either a part of your lifestyle or something which excites you.
  2. The proud owner of a glorious bottom and willing to share it with 1000's of people on the web and/or half a dozen gentlemen at a party.
  3. Reasonably photogenic. You don't need to be a glamour model!

Experience is NOT ESSENTIAL but enthusiasm and a glorious bottom are!

Remuneration package

No Car

No Pension

Lots of fun!

Apply : cnsp@rocketmail.com


All models over 18 years old - Proof held on file
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